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What Every Diver Should Know....

Decades of experience have taught us that there are four requirements to serious diving and serious fun.  There is a strong correlation between the quality of your training and the amount of fun you will have.
  • Proper Knowledge: there  are certain diving skills that must be learned. With a professional teaching system, you can study the information at your own pace.  Home Study.
  • Proper Skills:  You must develop ability with basic scuba skills.  The best way to learn is from a qualified instructor.
  • Proper Experience:  While education helps develop knowledge and skills, the key to becoming a comfortable and confident diver is simply to dive as much as possible. Your experience and ability increase as you seek out different diving locations, meet new friends, have new adventures and explore new worlds.
  • Proper Equipment:  Comfortable and convenient is key to enjoyable diving.

The Instructors at Pirate Divers all give 110% to ensure that you receive the proper training and are qualified before advancing to the next level.  We teach our divers through repetition of skills (overlearning). The end product is a confident and comfortable divers who continue their diving and educational experience. 

Come, Join the Adventure!  Start today by getting your Home Study Educational Material.

Open Water Certification:$ 350.00

Open Water Certification Course is a complete Academic and Skills program that begins with Home Study.  When you are ready, classroom and skills training follows, one on one, with our instructors to form and give you confidence before advancing to Open Water Evaluation for your certification.  The Home Study program can be done in the weeks, or months, (at your own pace), prior to going on your vacation adventure.  Your training, once at your Resort, will be done at your leasure.  By the end of your vacation, you will be a  Certified Open Water Diver !  Our instructors are by your side the entire time.

Open Water Evaluation (Check Out Dives):    $ 200.00

Already completted your Open Water Course and are looking to do your "check out dives"?  Our instructors will accompany you while you complete your skills evaluation.  Complete your paper work, your evaluation, and sign off on your Open Water Certification while you are on your vacation enjoying your new adventure.  We will personally be with you on your first open water dives to provide support and confidence.

Can't go on a vacation?  Need your Open Water Evaluation completed?  Join us in Vortex Springs FL, Hopkinsville KY, or other sites to complete your Check Out Dives.  Contact Us for a schedule.

Specialty Courses: $75.00

Interested in Specialty Courses? Reef Diving? Drift Diving? Wreck Diving? Deep Diving? Boat Diving?  We can provide training and education in all Specialty areas.  Our program begins with Home Study completed before you arrive at your vacation destination.  Once at your Resort, we provide an informal classroom presentation, and then the diving expirience....which is where the fun is !  Our Instructors/Dive Masters will be with you the entire time, teaching you the specialty course of your choice.

SCUBA Skills Update: $65.00

Haven't been on a Dive in a while?  We recommend updating your skills every year.  For some divers, you haven't been in the water in 2-3 years, or more.  Update your skills with one of our instructors before going on that first dive.  It will give you comfort and confidence.

Certification with the industries best and most complete training program. 

HomeAbout Pirate DiversSCUBA Diving VacationsLearn SCUBA DivingContact SCUBA Instructors

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