Don't like large groups? Prefer One on One, Individual and Private learning atmosphere that you are comfortable with?  We want to bring SCUBA to you!  Want to learn SCUBA while enjoying first class resorts and instruction on vacation?  We customize our SCUBA Instruction to your needs.

We are dedicated to making your vacation and SCUBA experience the best.  We personalize, individualize, privatize and tailor fit our packages to you.  Private, small group, and individualized SCUBA training by Certified  Instructor Certifier’s to give you the confidence and comfort, while learning to SCUBA Dive.  This can be accompanied by first class accommodations at Caribbean resorts featuring all-inclusive packages, entertainment, fitness facility, meals, alcohol and more !....or, at your pool, club, or facility.

Our Training is skill based.  Pirate Divers couples
basic theoretical education with real life expirience.
Each 'skill' is based on the previous skills learned,
creating easy to learn "building blocks" for ease of
perfecting each skill.  Our Instructors are dedicated
to developing students to become confident and
competent on each skill, before moving on to the next
skill.  Pirate Divers is first and formost concerned about student safety.  We
do not proceed to the next level of skills until students are ready to move on.
All Pirate Divers Instructors are certified and insured.

Just looking for Open Water Evaluation?  We can tailor that too !

Email us with your questions…we’ll provide you a solution.

About Us:
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Mike K.,  Owner of Pirate, is an ACUC, SDI,
and SSI Certified Instructor.  Mike began diving in the
mid 90's and immediately fell in love with
the underwater world. He began expanding his
knowledge by taking specialty courses and becoming a
professional Dive Master.  Mike has logged over 2,000
dives on his adventure, seeing everything from exotic fish to wrecks.  His love of diving, is what drives him to teach SCUBA Diving to anyone wanting to learn.  In addition to teaching Open Water Certification, Mike is certified and qualified to Instruct specialty courses such as; Wreck Diving, Deep Diving, Nitrox (EAN), Drift Diving, Boat Diving, and Navigation, to name a few.  "I believe giving new divers the proper principled education coupled with patient, one on one, confined water instruction, this allows the new divers to emerge as confident, competent, fully prepaired divers."mike k.
Mike Keeney - Owner of Pirate Divers Scuba Lessons Instruction
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