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Pirate Divers  is a company that is dedicated to providing quality diving SCUBA instruction for Families, Friends and individuals. Coupled with our Travel Center, we provide diving vacation packages that allow you to get SCUBA Certified while having fun on vacation.  We provide a personal, one on one, Instructor expirience to help your confidence, and provide safety, along with exciting, beautiful and warm vacation atmosphere. Get certified with our professional staff at your Swim Club, Country Club, or City Pool.... or, have fun on your vacation while learning a skill for a lifetime.
Pirate Divers offers Vacation Packages to suit all your needs.  Excellent Accomidations coupled with Professional Dive Operators. If you are a new diver or have completed your Academic and Pool sessions and need to complete your Open Water Evaluation...we can do it!  All-Inclusive resort packages with private SCUBA Instruction and Dive training.  Come !  Start your Adventure !  Start Today training for your under water adventure.  Call us for your Open Water Certification kit.  Meet new and interesting people while sharing SCUBA Adventure.
Pirate Divers believes in training strong, confident and competent divers.  Our first priority is your safety. It is our belief this will allow you to enjoy your diving experience. FUN is what it is all about ! Pirate Divers offers private, one on one, training using home study, classroom, and practical expirience to build a complete certified diver.  Pirate Divers are Certified Insturctors that are professional, that are trained to help you have fun while learning a new and exciting sport.  SCUBA is great for Couples, Families, Children and Singles.
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  • We are dedicated to training comfortable and confident divers.
  • We insure our trips are personalized to meet the needs of all divers to their ability.
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HomeAbout Pirate DiversSCUBA Diving VacationsLearn SCUBA DivingContact SCUBA Instructors

Enroll in an Open Water Certification class and receive;  all books, materials, academic and pool sessions, equipment usage*, and air fills.  Everything you will need to prepare for your Open Water Evaluation.  Call for pricing

OWI Certification Class with Mask, Fin, and bootie Included !  Call for Pricing.  Check our class schedule !!     Learn SCUBA
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Quality SCUBA Instruction by Certified Professional Instructors from the Industries leading SCUBA Diving Agencies!
Pirate Divers is focused on teaching SCUBA, not selling equipment.  Our goal is to help you become a confident, competent SCUBA diver.  PirateDivers.net eliminates the overhead that most shops incur, and returns the savings to its customers.  Every Student gets grade "A+" training and education about SCUBA Diving, the Underwater World, and Safety in diving that is backed with a money back guarantee, without the pressure of Shop Owners wanting you to purchase expensive equipment.  PirateDivers.net uses online education, video, and one on one personal training, to insure proper training.  Call now and start your Adventure !!